Why Invest in Shares?
  • Shares (or equities) are one of the best long-term investments in the financial marketplace. They tend to outperform government bonds, corporate bonds, property and many other types of asset.
  • Share prices can go down as well as up so buying shares is not without risk, but over the long term, they can generate good returns.
  • Most shares offer income in the form of dividends, which are typically paid twice a year. Dividends can be seen as a reward for shareholders. These are paid when a company is profitable and has cash in the bank after it has satisfied all its obligations.
  • In most cases, the more profitable a company is, the higher the dividend payments. If a company is making substantial amounts of money and making significant dividend payments, it is usually considered a good investment so the share price rises.
  • Long-term capital growth comes about when share price increases over a period of time.
How to Invest?
  • For registration, investors must have valid Computerized National identity Card (CNIC) as appearing in CDS.
  • Only Pakistani Individuals (both Resident and Non-Resident) are allowed to register through the eIPO portal.
  • Valid email address of the Investor is required for account activation.
  • Registered Investors will be able to subscribe available IPOs offered through the eIPO portal
  • Investors are not allowed to submit subscription application with any Joint holder.
  • The applicants will provide CDS Account Number (Investor Account or Sub-Account) which will be verified on real time basis.
  • A Subscription ID will be generated by the eIPO portal and sent to the investor via e-mail upon successful submission of subscription application for making payment.
  • Payment can be made against the Subscription ID through available banking channels. For more details please click here.
  • Once successful and unsuccessful/unaccepted applications are determined, the amount of un-successful/unaccepted applications will be refunded in the investor’s respective account.