Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is e-IPO (eIPO)?

To facilitate the public by providing efficient, easy and hassle free mechanism for making applications for subscription of securities of companies offered for sale through Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), the Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited (CDC) has developed an eIPO System through which applications for subscription of listed securities of companies offered through IPOs can be made.

Who can apply through eIPO?

For making subscription application through the eIPO portal, an investor must fulfill the following:

  • They should register themselves on the eIPO portal.
  • Must be a Pakistani individuals and corporates (both Resident and Non-Resident).
  • Possess a CDS account (Investor or Sub Account).
  • Must have a valid UIN (CNIC /SNIC / NICOP / NTN/ Registration Number) as appearing in the CDS account.
  • Should have an active email address.
  • Must be having a bank account with any Scheduled Bank in Pakistan.
  • An application should be made in individual capacity and not in joint status.

What are the benefits of electronic IPO?

  • WEB based portal 24/7 Availability of system for subscription of IPO.
  • Instant handling of IPO through automated system.
  • No paper work involved.
  • Invest at your convenience.
  • Track your order status.
  • Modify your bids online.

What is IBAN?

The International Bank Account Number (IBAN) is an internationally agreed system of identifying bank accounts across national borders to facilitate the communication and processing of transactions.

How can I contact CDC in case of any help related to eIPO?

In case an issue is encountered during or after the IPO subscription, please contact our call center at 0800-23275 or email us at [email protected] during business hours.

How will refunds be provided to unsuccessful participants?

Unsuccessful subscribers’ application money will be refunded into the account from which subscription payment was made.

Which fields are mandatory to be filled by the Investor?

Fields marked with “*” are mandatory fields for application submission.

How will the Search button provided in Account Details panel work?

If the applicant has Sub Account, House Account or IAS account, then applicant will select “Existing CDC Account” radio button in Mode of Issuance field. The applicant will enter Participant ID and Account Number and click on “Search” button. The form is designed so that information will be automatically displayed in the “Applicant’s Details Panel” if the above mentioned parameters and applicant’s CNIC exist in CDC’s system.

How will securities be issued to the Investors?

Securities to the successful investors will be issued in book entry form.

What will happen upon completion of subscription application at eIPO portal?

A Subscription ID will be generated by the eIPO portal which will be sent to investor via e-mail and/or SMS on the details provided at the time of Registration.

How will Investor make payment for the subscription made?

Payment can be made against the generated Subscription ID through available banking channels (Online Banking Portal, ATM, Mobile app and etc.) of 1Link’s member banks available for Centralized eIPO System (CES). For viewing list of 1Link’s member banks available for CES please click here.

Why do Investors invest in IPOs?

All investors have different strategies and we do not make any investment recommendations. However, an IPO is an opportunity to make a ground floor investment at the initial public price which is attractive to investors if they like the long term prospects of the company and think the share price will rise in future.

How much does subscription for an IPO cost?

All an Investor has to pay for is the share price of the IPO. There is a commission built into the share price which is paid by the issuer.

Where can I check allotment of shares?

You can check the allotment of shares in your CDC account after the date of allotment has passed.